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Hi! In February 2023, I started working as an All-round Marketer at Rubberplants | Digital Agency in Breda. To get to know the company well, I dive into the depths. What exactly does Rubberplants do? What is the working method and why does it work so well for their clients? I will take you on my journey of discovery via this blog. | Stephanie

“Let’s Go!”

The adventure begins

GET Ready.

Anyone starting at a new employer knows how exciting it can be. New colleagues, new systems and processes….a lot of new information to process. Via this blog, I will give you a behind-the-scenes look at my journey at Rubberplants | Digital Agency.
I get to know the identity, roots, DNA, different services and added value of this creative digital agency.

What does Rubberplants have to offer?
Curious? Then join me on an adventure during my first weeks at Rubberplants | Digital Agency.


a great story.

I was immediately positively surprised by Rubberplants’ name and logo. When I ask Igor about its origins, he enthusiastically explains to me:

“The Rubber plant. A result of rebranding ourselves. While we normally guide our clients through a complete rebranding process, it was our turn now. Increasing ROI is what we did and do, but not who we were and are. Over the years, we have expanded our expertise to include web design, web development, rebranding projects, creative design and solving strategic issues. So it was time for a new name and look.

The result of this proprietary rebranding process was Ficus Elastica, the Rubber Plant. Besides being strong, flexible, value-added because it purifies the air, the strong rubber plant can be toxic when asked and is known for its organic growth. Traits that we, as a digital agency, completely recognise ourselves in. Besides, we love plants and greenery, as you will see in our office.”

Want to know more? You can read the full brand story here.


we do it together.

The coffee tastes really good. And that’s nice as I delve further into all the services Rubberplants offers. As a full-service digital agency, there are five services offered from its beautiful office in Breda. The first of the five I am introduced to is Strategy.

It is already becoming clear to me, Rubberplants is not just another digital agency focused solely on increasing visitor numbers on a website. No, Rubberplants wants to build a strong brand together with the client and communicate the brand story powerfully and consistently. I see enthusiastic hard-working colleagues in a committed full-service agency that understands the importance of going back to the roots and delving deeper into who you are. Defining a good strategy is sometimes perceived as difficult by clients. Often there is no ‘time’ because daily to-do’s come first or there is little awareness of its importance. Yet a thoughtful strategy ensures firmly rooted roots. This will help you grow stronger in the long run.

It turns out that regardless of which service you purchase from Rubberplants as a customer, they use the Brand Key Model to establish the core of the brand. In this way, they go back to the core of the business with each client, the foundation on which the entire brand is built, creating a solid foundation for continued growth together.

creative design

a powerful design.

Soon I experience how creative Rubberplants is as a digital agency. With Remco as an in-house animator and graphic designer, they create the most beautiful vibrant and unique designs for clients. And often with a strategic eye. Strategy and creativity come together in this step. Using the proprietary Brand Key Model, Rubberplants remains strongly grounded to the core of the brand in all creations and expressions.

This is how they keep focus, work efficiently and create appropriate, powerful creative designs. Read more about Creative Design here.

Digital marketing

the ideal customis mix.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is a lot of knowledge in-house. The familiar terms like SEO, SEA, content creation, social media and lead generation are all deployed. Rubberplants distinguishes itself from other agencies I know by being particularly mindful of the importance of getting all those separate marketing facets right for each other.

Specifically, what is the ideal marketing mix for this client? Which channels are important to this customer? Every client is different, has a different target audience and objectives. Rubberplants’ strength appears to lie mainly here. Bespoke development of targeted strong campaigns. All communications are aligned to reinforce each other.

Are you curious what the ideal marketing mix is for your brand? Then read more about our Digital Marketing service here.


sleek and purposeful.

It is 8:30 in the morning. I start with a cup of coffee before looking over the shoulders of in-house developer Bjorn. Websites developed by Rubberplants all turn out to be built in such a way that they easily grow flexibly with the client’s needs and are completely responsive. They display well on all types of screens and if something changes in the necessary requirements for a website, it can be adjusted very easily. This is hugely convenient and works nice and fast. I imagine this would be very nice for customers should business operations or requirements change or more capacity be needed due to growth. While developing the website, Rubberplants looks at the target audience, experience, ease of use and purpose. Combined with a sleek design and a creative wink, this is how you make a really good impression!

Want to read more about the importance of a powerful website? You can do so here.


with the ultimate user experience.

Rubberplants also builds webshops for selling products or services. Competition in webshop-land is high so I ask Igor how Rubberplants ensures that the webshops they build actually stand out and convert:

“Together with the customer, we look at what it is that sets the customer apart from his or her competitors. We carry those distinctive elements further in the webshop by using supporting graphics and appealing texts that lead to purchases. The webshops are search engine-friendly, fast and flexibly built. We make sure there are no hiccups anywhere in the customer journey so that the ordering process runs smoothly.”

Read how Rubberplants increases your webshop conversion here.

Wow what a JOURNEY!

The adventure begins

For the past few weeks, I went on a trip at Rubberplants | Digital Agency. At the beginning of my journey, I knew very little about this creative agency. But it is completely clear to me.

Rubberplants can assist a brand from A through Z in conceptual, creative and digital issues. A strong full-service agency in beautiful Breda. It was a beautiful journey that ends here, but the adventure has really only just begun.

Full-service digital agency

ready. set. grow!

Looking for an agency that really makes a difference creatively and digitally? A flexible marketing partner who adds value and grows your brand further? Whether it’s just a website you want created, or a complete re-branding project, Rubberplants is the party. Schedule a no-obligation sparring session and make your case a success story together.

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