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Harold van Baardwijk
on the mic

Why do you want to rebrand? This was the first question we were asked. We wanted to have a new fresh, professional look achieved through a rebranding, launching our new name. In short, a new corporate identity, appearance and website.

“We are super happy with our new brand style. It was a bit exciting at first, because it is completely different from what it was. This soon gave way to appropriate pride! Once everything was launched and landed you realise how important it is to keep up with the times.”


GET Ready.

As a Digital Agency, we start by delving into the roots, current identity and objectives. Through a session on the terrace, we get to know Van Baardwijk – Bouw and its wishes even better. With all these valuable insights, we are ready to start the rebranding process.


strategic & creative

Every rebranding is special, they are never quite the same in terms of output but the approach is clear and strategically strong. What makes the story of van Baardwijk-Bouw unique? We look for the concrete words that consistently convey the message and tell what van Baardwijk-Bouw delivers. The wishes from the session are translated into the look and feel of all the brand’s channels.

the story

Het unieke verhaal van van Baardwijk-Bouw is het niet spannender maken dan dat het is. Gewoon kwaliteit leveren, de afspraken nakomen en duidelijk communiceren.

Doe maar gewoon dan doen we al gek genoeg. Als hecht team gaan wij voor de beste kwaliteit en service. 

Vooral doen waar je goed in bent en altijd proberen om de verwachtingen te overtreffen.

Quality above all


Van Baardwijk Bouw has been in business since 2001 and therefore has years of experience within the profession. From carpentry, the company has continued to grow into a complete provider. From window frames, home extensions to complete renovations and new construction. In short, you can turn to Van Baardwijk Bouw for all your construction & carpentry needs. Harold has a strong and dynamic team around him who enjoy working with you to deliver great projects.

Many different disciplines are involved during a rebranding. For Harold, it was especially important to achieve a consistent new, fresh and professional look.

the newly built corporate identity

In the creative design phase, we realise various concepts in order for the concepts to land. In it, we include the logo, fonts, colour palette and add several examples of applications.

Van Baardwijk-Bouw - Logo

The core message, positioning and image has been rolled out throughout the organisation. We highlight some facets in more detail to give an idea of where strategy, creativity and design come together.

The old logo featured an uneven triangle. This was a recognisable element, which we implemented in a different way in the new logo. So now two equal triangles and the new fresh colour blue. This stands for trust and quality, which are important core values for Van Baardwijk-Bouw.

The slant of the corners is extended consistently in various ways in the corporate identity elements, printed material and the signing. Thus, the new look literally stands as a house.

Van Baardwijk-Bouw - Bedrijfswagens
Van Baardwijk-Bouw - Visitekaartjes

From offline to online
Bouw Website

The corporate identity and graphics were, of course, also implemented during the construction of the powerful WordPress website. Thus, we extend the look of offline to online and ensure a consistent look and feel.

The services provided by Van Baardwijk-Bouw are clearly displayed and the project photos give you a good idea of the completed work. The custom website is built in WordPress and fully responsive, ensuring a nice user experience on all devices.

Van Baardwijk-Bouw - Website

It stands tall as a house

Het resultaat van dit gave rebrandingproces mag er wezen en staat als een huis. Wij bedanken van Baardwijk-Bouw en Harold van Baardwijk in het bijzonder. We hebben samen gebouwd aan een professionele uitstraling waar jullie verder op kunnen bouwen.


Wil je jouw case, uitdaging of groeikansen eens samen met ons bespreken, geheel vrijblijvend? Daag ons uit en plan een afspraak in of neem contact op.

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