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Elte Musters
on the mic

Why don’t you have a local Intratuin website yet, and what goals would you like to achieve with a new website? Those were the first questions we asked Elte of Intratuin Breda.
Intratuin Breda wilde een nieuwe frisse en inspirerende website laten realiseren met als doel de lokale vindbaarheid te vergroten. The website should provide a stage for a broad spectrum of activities, in the style of the corporate Intratuin website.

I found the cooperation very pleasant. The contact was smooth, fast and clear. Rubberplants was able to translate our wishes into a beautiful website very well. We are pleased with the result and look forward to continued cooperation.


GET Ready.

Even with our new website realizations in WordPress, we first start by delving deeper into the client and their market. Who is Intratuin Breda, what makes them so special and how can we powerfully present this to the online target audience? We ask the right questions to find out exactly what Intratuin Breda stands for and what the requirements are. With a former Intratuin employee in our ranks, this of course helps;-).


In a second conversation, we go deeper into the questions of help. What is the strategic purpose of the website? What should the website do for visitors? For Intratuin Breda, the website should increase local findability, strengthening its online reach in the region. The new website should become an inspirational place where visitors are captivated and meaningful interaction with local audiences can occur.



In this phase, we translate the strategic goals into the online visual expression. We create initial designs to determine the look, navigation, menu structure and graphic elements. The translation of the local Intratuin Breda website is carefully aligned with the corporate website so that it is in line with the corporate Intratuin image. The client then provides feedback on the designs and, if necessary, we make further adjustments so that the website and the layouts as a framework are visually completely satisfactory.



In this phase, the website is actually built on a test environment by our WordPress developers. The approved website designs are programmed and functionally built. Thus, the website is already really coming to life and all updates can be followed in real time by Intratuin Breda. We ensure that the website is maximized and optimized on all fronts. Consider: ease of use, responsiveness, speed and tracking. Strong content and beautiful images complete the website and design. Thanks to a comprehensive migration and launch plan, we ensure that everything is tested through before going live with the new website.

LET’S Grow


The website is live! Intratuin Breda can now inspire and advise visitors and customers on a local level. The website is recognisable, fresh and responds to the broad spectrum of activities offered by the Breda location.

Nieuwe website | Intratuin Breda | Rubberplants Digital Agency

strong result

The result of the new website is impressive and we are very proud of it. We thank Intratuin Breda and Elte Musters in particular for the trust placed in us. We look forward to further intensifying our strong cooperation!


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