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Starting a new business and going into business for myself, an exciting step with many questions and challenges. Obviously, I know what services I can offer and where my strengths lie within the market. But under what name and with what appearance will I present and convey this well? With these requests for help, I ended up with Igor Goossens of Rubberplants | Digital Agency. You can read how this brand-building process went below.

“I am very happy with the well thought out company name and pay-off & the realised corporate identity and website.
Very nice to be able to spar with a fellow entrepreneur”


GET Ready.

As a Digital Agency, we start by delving into the roots, current identity and objectives. But what if there is no identity and roots yet? Even then, we start with several strategic sessions to gather as much input as possible in order to shape the identity together.


strategic & creative

Every brand-building project is special, but really starting all the way down into the earth to plant the seeds is perhaps the best part. You are the chain between the client and the brand and identity yet to be realised.

What makes the story of Peter van Vliet and his services special and unique? Together, we look for the concrete message that will tell the story to start conveying it consistently.

the story

During the meetings, Peter’s services proved to be the chain between the software and the organisations using it. Starting from software implementation, to onboarding with training courses to advising and guiding (cleaning) companies.

A Software Solution (SaaS) for (cleaning) companies and organisations.

Based on data insights and real-time occupancy data (sensors), together we enable continuous optimisation of the cleaning programme.

smart cleaning.

chain between


As you may notice, “chain between” comes up quite often in the story. It is also the core of where the strength of Peter and his services lies. If this is the core value of what you do and have to offer, then the company is simply going to be called: Chain Between. And so it came to pass.


As the service does not stop at the Dutch border, a timeless international name was chosen. This is supported by the pay-off: Software & Solutions. In this way, the name and logo sends a clear signal of its added value and field of activity.

Professional corporate identity

In the creative design phase, we realise various corporate identity concepts to create a visual idea on the identity. In it, we incorporate the logo, fonts, colour palette and add several examples of applications, among other things.


Besides the chain being reflected in the logo, we also made it the starring role in the favicon. We connected the ‘C’ and the ‘B’ in different ways. All with the service of data and software offered by Chain Between in mind.

Chain Between operates in the services sector, specifically in the Cleaning sector. Therefore, we chose to use calm and clean colours. With this, the colours support values that are important in the industry Chain Between is in. With this in mind, we settled on a combination of dark blue with lighter green.

Besides the logo, we also use visual ‘data’ elements on the website and other visual expressions to create a coherent whole where everything is connected.


Switching from offline to

the website

Professional house style and graphics were of course also implemented during the construction of this powerful WordPress OnePage website. Thus, we extend the look of offline to online and ensure a consistent look and feel.

Chain Between’s story and services are clearly presented and through the packages you get a good idea on the options and costs. The customised onepage website is built in WordPress and fully responsive, providing a nice user experience on all devices. Later, this onepage will be further expanded to be the ideal digital link between Peter and the market.


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