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Why do you want to rebrand? This was the first question we were asked. We wanted to have a new fresh, professional and corporate look achieved through a rebranding. All this while retaining personal character. In short, a new corporate identity, appearance and website.

“We are super happy with the strong and well thought-out identity and look.
From our market, we get a lot of positive feedback”.


GET Ready.

As a Digital Agency, we start by delving into the roots, current identity and growth goals. Through brainstorm sessions, we get to know C4U even better. With all these valuable insights, we are ready to start the rebranding process.


strategic & creative

A rebranding journey is something special, something strategic.

You have to look for that extra touch that makes the brand story unique. Exploring the words and creative touch that consistently get the message across. To then translate these from the brainstorm session into the look and feel of all the brand’s channels.

the story

Thanks to the built-up brand key model and the various brainstorm sessions, C4U’s unique story has been captured.

C4U is a committed full-service ICT partner that combines professional services with a personal touch. Employees are often seen as part of the team by their clients.

Our team of strategy, creation, design and development looked for the uniqueness of C4U to roll this out throughout the organisation and all channels. That unique characteristic that reflects C4U’s strength and can also be used multifunctionally to achieve brand growth.


strongly connected

Is de nieuwe pay-off van C4U. Hetgeen dus ook letterlijk de verbinding gaat zijn van C4U als merk met zijn markt, relaties, partners, diensten en dat alles met behoud van de persoonlijke touch.

Tijdens een rebranding komen veel verschillende disciplines kijken en een sterke positionering te realiseren. De factor tijd is hierin ook belangrijk en is nodig om de creativiteit de ruimte te geven een sterk verbonden verhaal te vertellen.


In the creative design phase, we realise various mood boards to visually present and establish the corporate identity concepts. In it, we incorporate the logo with pay-off, the fonts, the colour palette and add several examples of applications, among others. Below are 3 concept logos that didn’t make it.

the new corporate identity

The core message, positioning and image has been rolled out throughout the organisation. We highlight some facets in more detail to give an idea of where strategy, creativity and design come together.

The letters are connected, the C flowing into the 4 and into the U. The U stands for the customers and partners and is built using a gradient, symbolising diversity. The slant with which the C is connected to the 4 is also incorporated into the printed matter and website.


From writing paper to business cards

From offline to online


The corporate identity and graphics have also been implemented into the website, of course. Thus, we extend the look of offline to online and ensure a consistent look and feel.

C4U’s services are clearly displayed and, through the photography, C4U’s employees also connect with the website and the brand. This way the personal touch is also reflected digitally in the design. C4U’s website is built in WordPress and fully responsive, providing a nice user experience on all devices.

strong result

The result of this rebranding process is impressive and we are very proud of it. We thank C4U and Eelco Dielemans in particular for the trust placed in us. We look forward to further intensifying our strong collaboration and are happy to stay connected.


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