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In December 2023, I started as a Junior Content Marketer at Rubberplants | Digital Agency. In my start-up phase, I would like to get to know the company better. How does Rubberplants help its clients grow to the next level? And how does Rubberplants help me grow to the next level? In this blog, I will take you through my new adventure. | Cees

“Let’s Grow!”

The adventure begins

GET Ready.

My first day of work at Rubberplants! A day when information and systems are flying around my ears. But also a day when I am welcomed openly and I am already beginning to feel at home. As a Junior Content Marketer, I am at the start of my career here. It feels like entering a vat of knowledge. Everyone has their own specialty and it is a real team. If you have questions about anything, everyone is ready right away. A team you want to be a part of and I am very much looking forward to the development I get to go through here.


we do it together.

In my first few days, I get a good understanding of how everyone works here. A project has many different aspects but everything runs streamlined. Everyone knows what to do and can call for help in a timely manner should the need arise. By regularly sparring on the various projects, everything comes together and ambiguities are often already avoided. Rubberplants’ method of working allows different specialties to come together. Be it Bjorn’s websites, Remco’s visuals, Daan’s campaigns or Stephanie’s catchy texts. Everything eventually comes together to produce a cohesive result.

In addition to much development, existing projects are constantly monitored. This is so that these projects can also be developed again. Results are tracked and fed back with the goal of improving the respective campaigns again. This is how we make sure that the campaigns keep growing and so do the clients!

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Everything you give attention to grows.

During my first week, I quickly find out about the interests of the relationships at Rubberplants. Igor indicates during a meeting that communication is key. By keeping the client constantly up-to-date on ongoing issues, you create a solid relationship where trust is high. And if trust is high within a relationship, it will continue to grow.

In this diverse landscape, every request that comes in is different. Incoming requests are followed up with a personal briefing. After this, the request can be turned into a clearly feasible project. Then the specialists get back to work on this project and make sure there is constant feedback to the client. In this way, the client is involved in the entire process and the relationship is constantly guaranteed. This is also how the relationships with the customers keep growing.

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OUR story

Growth is in our roots.

It’s nice and warm in the office, I grab a cup of coffee and get ready for the day. From my desk, I have a view of three key words of Rubberplants: READY, SET and GROW. I am taken through the entire process and that is where these words really come in. With each assignment, we first ensure a complete picture of the project. After this, the set is created for the specialists to work with. And finally, this process leads to the ultimate goal: Grow!

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Not just the customers are growing

We too!

In addition to customer growth, staff growth is also an important component within Rubberplants. There is a training budget available for everyone and in addition, you learn a lot from each other. Because of the various specialists in house, the knowledge available is vast.
You can enter at any level and there are always opportunities to advance. You can think of it as the Ficus Elastica, the Rubber Plant. If you have outgrown your pot you can move right back into a new pot to continue growing!

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What a journey

And he’s only just getting started.

After this journey of discovery, it is clear to me! Rubberplants is the place where you can really grow as a business or individual. Our comprehensive and specialized approach ensures that every project is a success! In addition, it is also the place where I can develop into a true content specialist. All these growth processes also ultimately allow us as Rubberplants to continue to grow as well.

My story ends here but my growth has only just begun. If there are any updates in this, of course you will hear about it! Now I am left with one important question: How can we help you grow?

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ready. set. grow!

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