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Rubberplants 🀝 INTRATUIN Breda

new collaboration

We are happy and proud to announce that we have started the collaboration with Intratuin Breda! With the realization of a fresh and inspiring website, we provide the optimal foundation for desired growth.


Intratuin was founded in 1980 when eight entrepreneurs decided to join forces. They were smart, ambitious and all had a stubborn attitude. What brought them together was a shared vision. They therefore decided to buy together, which quickly became a great success. The next step followed: the development of a uniform sales formula. Under the name Intratuin they started promoting together, and the group of entrepreneurs grew steadily.

This group continues to grow to this day. Intratuin is opening more and more new stores, both in Belgium and in Germany. There are currently 69 stores, of which 55 in the Netherlands, 3 in Belgium and 11 in Germany. Intratuin uses a soft franchise formula, in which the stores are supported by the service office in Woerden, a distribution center for hardware in Den Bosch and a distribution center for greenery in Aalsmeer.

All stores together cover an area of ​​more than 464,000 m2 or about 93 football fields. More than 3,300 employees work there, who sell a total of about 80,000 different items to 12,500,000 customers.

At Intratuin Breda you can get inspiration for a cozy house and garden. You will find the latest trends in green living and the best workshops for the family, a group of friends or with kids.

What is a more suitable cooperation partner for us than Intratuin Breda?! A place where you can buy the most beautiful rubber plants?

It’s time to grow together!

We are ready.

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