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Full-service marketingagency Breda

We are Rubberplants, a full-service marketing agency in beautiful Breda. We work according to our own successful method: Ready. Set. Grow! We help every brand, big or small, grow (further) with one or more of our services:

Strategy | Creative Design | Digital Marketing | Websites | E-commerce | Animations

A strategic agency for all your conceptual, creative and digital issues. One point of contact with short lines. This works efficiently during the process and provides consistency in communication to the outside world. This is how we build strong brands.



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Your ideal strategic marketing partner

Not just any marketing agency that focuses only on increasing visitor numbers on a website. Rubberplants is different. Together with you, we build a strong brand strategy and communicate your brand story powerfully and consistently. In every journey we take together, we as Rubberplants are your ideal strategic marketing partner. We understand the importance of a well-thought-out brand strategy. A thoughtful strategy ensures firmly rooted roots. This will help you grow stronger in the long run. And we, as a flexible and strong strategic agency, are happy to assist you with that.

From brand design to corporate identity

Rubberplants is the place in Breda for your corporate identity development. With an in-house animator and graphic designer, we create the most beautiful vibrant and unique designs with a strategic wink. Your brand has a story and we make it visible and tangible so that the customer understands and believes it. We create your (new) brand design with supporting corporate identity. From concept to design.


Not a standard marketing agency

As a creative online marketing agency in Breda, we are not a standard marketing agency. But a full service online marketing agency in Breda. Rubberplants distinguishes itself from other marketing agencies, by offering flexible full-service with a high degree of creativity and storytelling. Our strength lies in customised development of targeted, creative and strong campaigns.

We create customised WordPress websites

Want a wordpress website built? No problem. We have our own web developer who will build your ideal website. Websites made by Rubberplants Breda are built in such a way that they can easily grow flexibly with you when your brand demands it. Our websites are also completely responsive. While developing the website, we look at the target audience, experience, ease of use and purpose. Combined with a sleek design and a creative wink, this is how you make a really good impression. For WordPress web development in Breda, Rubberplants is your party.

Improving your online sales

In the online world, competition is high. Improving your online sales is a challenge we would love to take up with you. Webshop development is familiar territory for us. We work with Woocommerce for strong converting website with an ultimate user experience. Together, we look at where your brand stands out from others. We carry those distinctive elements further in the webshop by using supporting graphics and appealing texts that lead to purchases. The web shops are search engine friendly, fast and flexibly built.

Beautiful visuals to support your brand story

We specialise in telling powerful stories with visually appealing animations. Strong animations are crucial to inspire, inform and entertain your target audience. Animations attract attention, arouse emotions and reinforce your brand identity. So put yourself in the picture with our creative animations and reach new customers, improve your image and make even complex concepts understandable to everyone.

Sparring together?

Would you like to discuss your case, challenge or growth opportunity with us? Challenge us to a good sparring session in our Breda office. Schedule an appointment or contact us.


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Bedankt voor het lezen van onze blog! Rubberplants probeert je te voorzien van de meest relevante en waardevolle informatie. Onze marketing blogs worden zorgvuldig samengesteld door experts die diep duiken in onderwerpen om jou de inzichten en kennis te geven die je nodig hebt. Of je nu op zoek bent naar tips, trends, of diepgaande analyses, bij ons ben je aan het juiste adres voor kwalitatieve content die antwoord geeft op jouw vragen.

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