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Anyone can write copy, but not everyone writes interesting, targeted and converting copy. Writing good content takes time, but is incredibly valuable in the long run. After all, good content persists online and does not dissipate as quickly as social media posts.

As a company, do you need more quality content, but don’t have the knowledge, resources or people in-house to tackle this properly internally? Then read on.

In this blog post, we explain how we at Rubberplants create content that makes content. Content that makes you happy, in other words. 🙂
Because happy faces on the other side of the screen is what we all ultimately want when your text is read. And, of course, that it encourages action.

The content creation process

The content marketers at Rubberplants Digital Agency Breda write content on a daily basis. Content for websites, flyers, newsletters, marketing campaigns and social media. These are texts for different companies, in different industries with different tone of voices. As a result, we gain a lot of experience within a broad spectrum that can also benefit you. Do you want more quality content as a business? Then we can help you.

We work according to our own successful methodology: Ready. Set. Grow! We help any brand, big or little, grow (further). We explain to you here how the content creation process works with us.


Every customer is different. Every customer wants something different. And that immediately brings us to an important first point of the content creation process. Defining the content strategy.

Delving into identity

To write a good text, we first delve deeply into you as a client. The most effective and personal way to do this is to visit. This way, we get a feel for you as a customer, the brand and the industry. We can ask questions effectively and directly. Who are you as a brand? What are your key drivers, values and desires regarding content? The more information we gather, the better!

Knowledge about the product or service

Besides immersing ourselves in you as a customer and your target audience, we also gather knowledge about the products or services you offer. The more the client can provide us with information, the better we can create a suitably targeted text. After all, we then know which aspects are important to mention in a text and which topics we can highlight extra for you.

Define content strategy

Together, we determine how to arrive at the most appropriate content strategy. What should the content do for your brand? Are the texts informative or should they lead to a particular action? We empathise as best we can so that we sense what the texts should convey and, above all, what desired actions the texts should lead to. By empathising with the target audience, we create catchy texts that activate them.


Together, we decide how the content will be planned. From the chosen strategy, content creation can be planned periodically. We summarise this in a content calendar to which we can both add fun content topics. Thus, input follows from our field as marketers and also from you as brands yourselves.


As a customer, you can now comfortably let go of the focus on content. As a digital agency, we take content creation completely off your hands when required. Our content marketers will organise all the information given and write unique content. All that is left for you, the customer, to do is to check and agree to placement at the end of this phase.

The basis for a good text

Good texts consist of 3 main parts: Introduction, body divided into subheads and a conclusion with call to action. We build the text and incorporate the AIDA model. This is how we set the foundations for a good text.

A – Attention – Introduction
I & D – Interest & Desire – Body
A – Action – Conclusion

Actual writing

We write texts that are easy to read, have the right tone of voice, flow smoothly and prompt the desired action. We also look at optimisation for search engines (SEO). Is the text easy for search engines to understand and does it incorporate important keywords of the target audience?

Let it go

The text is ‘finished’. Now we let this one go for a while. Often enough, it happens that we think of something a day later that can be nicely included in the text. At a later time, with a fresh look, we check the text:

  • grammar, style and spelling errors
  • readability; does the text flow nicely?
  • consequence; use you or u?
  • does the text meet the client’s requirements?
  • Have all the questions the target group may have been answered?
  • Is there a catchy call to action that can lead to conversion?
  • Is the text SEO-proof when it comes online?

We will then send the text to you for checking. Is everything correct and are you satisfied? Then it’s time for the final step.


Now it is time to place the content and grow and convert the traffic coming to the website(s)! We place the text online for you, combine it with a social media post if necessary, and monitor online performance with our marketing tools.

Quality content creation can lead to:

  • higher conversion and more high-quality leads
  • better online findability
  • professional image

Want to strengthen your online presence with high-quality unique content that converts and makes :-)?

At Rubberplants Digital Agency Breda, we’d love to help you with it. We take your content creation off your hands. Contact us.

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