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Buyer personas

You know better than anyone else who your customers are. Because every brand knows that, right? You would expect that, but often enough, as a brand, we don’t actually know who our buyer personas are at all. We know roughly who our target audience is. But it often stops there.

Ask yourself the following questions: Who exactly is your buying/paying customer? What is his or her profession? What is stopping him or her from buying from you? What goals does this person have for themselves in the next five years? Very specific questions that say more than the general averages of your target audience. They go into more depth and provide a detailed profile of your buyer persona. This can help you in your

brand strategy

. We explain why here.



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What is a buyer persona?

The buyer persona is a detailed profile of your customer, representing part of your target audience. This buyer persona is a fictional person you know as many details about as possible. Creating this buyer persona will help you empathise with your customer and get to know them better.

Target group or buyer persona?

A target audience is not the same as a buyer persona. You often describe a target audience using averages; for example, age, gender, occupation and general lifestyle. Creating your buyer personas goes a lot deeper. You will learn what his or her specific interests are and what any motivations or resistances are to purchasing your product or service.

The importance of drafting

The better you can empathise with your customers, the better you can help them in the buying process. This ultimately leads to higher results in your sales or leads. After all, by creating your buyer personas, you know:

  • Where your buyer is located.
  • Which channels your buyer uses in their search for information.
  • What information your customer needs to answer their questions.
  • What motivates your buyer to proceed to purchase.
  • What are reasons for your buyer not to purchase.
  • What type of content and message your customer is sensitive to.

By drawing up buyer personas, you will communicate in your communications in a more targeted and effective way and actually reach your target audience. You make informed decisions about what content appeals to and reaches your target audience. This saves time and money and generates more leads or sales.

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What information does a buyer persona contain?

The buyer persona is a detailed profile that includes a brief description of a person’s job title, age, demographics, gender and digital behaviour. In addition, the profile contains more details about the customer’s goals, motivations, resistances, someone’s information needs, favourite brands and how and where someone buys.

Is a buyer persona always fixed?

A buyer persona is not fixed. Buyer personas can change over time, because the longer you undertake, the larger your customer base becomes. The more customers you have, the more information you can get about your customers. You get to know more and more specific characteristics of your target audience. With that, the profiles of your buyer personas can also change and improve.

SEO communication and buyer personas

Purchasing goods and services is increasingly digital. This makes being visible and findable in the online world more important than ever for brands. In both the B2C and B2B markets, it is important to draft content in a way that meets the information needs of your buyer personas.

By understanding your buyer personas, you can target those information needs and thereby eliminate questions and doubts. You learn where they look, what they look for and how they look. This is very valuable information for your content strategy and related website optimisation (SEO). You can better optimise online content for your buyer personas which will make it easier for them to find this content. By offering relevant content to your customers, they will visit more pages on your website and also stay longer on these pages. This increases the relevance of your content in search results and this can bring more sales and leads.


A buyer persona in a visual

Through extensive research, we at Rubberplants dive into your desired customer. Using in-depth questions, we compile the characteristic features of your customers. We create a catchy visual of your buyer personas. This gives you a tangible example which gives direction in your communication to your ideal client.

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